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Troubleshoot the owner app

1. Why is the view remittance empty of data when a payment has been made

An owner account in Arthur can have several contacts. Only the contact designated main contact can see the remittances. All other contacts simply have access to the PDF of the statement from the documents folder.

Please note that in the case of a split remittance then both contacts have access to the remittance area

See below only main contact can view remittances through the remittance area


The main contact has access to the Payment received and the PDF in the documents area. To view this more in more detail



All other contacts will only have access to the PDF of the statement in the documents area.


2. The number of HMO properties is not showing correctly

Properties only show if they have a property type=HMO



Ensure that HMO is the chosen property type


3. The number of units showing is not correct

This will be because either there is no owner or that there are two owner records created in error and the wrong one is attached as the owner of the unit

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