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Troubleshooting transactions including why the don`t appear on statements


1. Why do transactions not appear on a tenant statement?

Most common transaction on this statement are;

  • Rent invoice
  • Contractor  invoice

Rent invoice

  1. Recurring have switched off.
  2. Ensure the next collection date is correct

Contractor invoice

  1. The invoice generated via the contractor app to appear on the tenant statement must be recharged  to the tenant statement. Go to the invoice>dropdown to the right>recharge
  2. When adding an invoice manually ensure you have paid by entered as a tenant

2. Why do transactions not appear on an owner statement?

Most common transaction on this statement are;

  • Rent invoice
  • Management  fees
  • Contractor  invoice

Rent invoice

  1. For rent to appear on an owner statement Rent charge needs to be the chosen rent. Check for this transaction type.

Management fees

  1. If the fee is a % of rent received then the transaction will only appear on receipt of money and if rent charge is chosen as the correct transaction type on the rent
  2. If management fees are applied to the unit or property level as a % of rent received. As rent is not a function of the property or unit then this can not be calculated. Fees at this level will need to be a fixed fee
  3. Adding recurring management fees after the rent is generated. Arthur will not apply the changes retrospectively. To deal with this the fee will need to be added manually via the add transaction>payable by owner
  4. If the owner is not associated with the property or unit then there will be no owner statement at all

Contractor invoice

  1. An invoice created on the contractor app will only  automatically go onto the owner statement  if in financials>financial settings>auto recharge is ticked as your default option
  2. If in financials>financial settings>auto recharge are unticked then for the invoice generated via the app go onto the owner statement a recharge will need to be applied to the invoice
  3. When adding an invoice manually ensure you have paid by entered as the property owner

3. Why do transactions not appear on a contractor statement?

  1. When adding an invoice manually ensure you have ticked create an additional transaction for a contractor. This is linked to how to handle a contractor invoice

4. Why do transactions not appear on an owner’s remittance?

This will be related to hierarchy. See understanding hierarchy.

  1. If the preference remittance to an owner is at the unit level and a transaction is added to the property level then they will not appear on the remittance statement as the remittance will only show transactions from the unit and tenancy level.
  2. If the owner owes you money, there would not be any transactions to remit.


5. How to deal with missing or incorrectly created transactions in Arthur

Our advice is to:

  • Missing transactions – Add manual transaction
  • Incorrectly entered transactions – Void and re-add


6. Why is outstanding and balance a different number on a statement

This will be because there is an allocation problem. An amount remains unallocated. You will need to filter by unpaid to check allocation



7.  Why can’t I edit a recurring charge amount

To change the amount simply switch off the current recurring and recreate a new one. It’s a safety mechanism because clients are unaware if they are connected to Xero or QuickBooks the issues that may cause. So to eliminate that we have stopped clients editing that.



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