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Troubleshoot workorders

1. The contractor cannot see tenant details

If the job is pending or completed then access to tenants details are not available

2. The contractor cannot see images attached to the workorder

After adding images  go to workorder documents>share with


3. My job is pending despite the contractor accepting the job

The reason is you asked the contractor for a quote. He accepted the job to quote but either never provided the quote or the quote was never accepted or rejected. So as far as Arthur is concerned the job remains pending. To push it live you need to either: Also please review how Arthur handles quoted

  1. Accept the quote
  2. Ask him to send the quote
  3. Override this and assign the job


4. My contractor is not receiving notifications about a new job on offer

  1. Ensure their mobile notifications are on, on their phones
  2. Ensure notifications are available from settings>automated events>workorder>invite sent to the contractor


5. I cannot assign my contractor to the job because of the dialogue box below

If a contractor is not private to your account and has other Arthur clients the system can no longer assume you have the right to assign work to them. This would be something the contractor would have to do.




6. User cannot add a contractor

For enterprise users check permissions>contacts. If  no access then no contractors will show

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