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Understanding access management

Access management allows for the creation of both digital and physical keys. Within the creation of physical keys, there can be multiple keys associated with a physical key. Each key can be checked in or checked out. The feature for check-in and check out is only available for enterprise users.

This article will cover:

  • Adding access details and creating additional key types
  • How to check-in and check-out keys. Enterprise only (Early June 2021 release)
    • Automation, batch updating, and reports of access details (Early June 2021 release)


Adding access details

Adding details can be done from:

  • Within a property
  • Within  a unit
  • Within access management index page
  • Quick add button


Access management index page

The index page shows all access management details with filter and search features so you can find details quickly. Within each ref there may be multiple physical keys.

Sharing details

Access details can be shared with:

  1. Tenants
  2. Contractors

To see how tenants view this please click here.

To see how contractors view this click here.


Check-in and check-out keys (available on Enterprise only)

This is related to the article Check-in and check-out keys and how to handle lost keys.

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