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Understanding an expiring tenancy

An expiring tenancy is a tenancy that is x no of days from the end of their tenancy. At this point Arthur does not know whether that tenancy will end or continue. This is an important point of the tenancy journey as there maybe many thing that the manager needs to ascretain

In order to run the autmation around an expiring tenancy Arthur needs to know how far in advance of the end date on a tenancy to run them.

An expiring tenancy will be highlighted on the dashboard

Changing the default from 30 days for the automated actions to run




Setting up your automation should be something you do to ensure efficient processes. Here are some examples of what you can do

Automation that compliments an expiring tenancy

  • Email Tenant that there tenancy is expiring
  • Email the agent that the tenancy is expiring if applicable
  • Email the owner that the tenancy is expiring if applicable
  • Expiring tenancy task including a checklist of things you need to do to progress this tenancy. Examples for the checklist

This article is linked to understanding autmated events and actions








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