Understanding automated events and actions

This article explains what events are. Once you have completed this article see how to add actions to the events


Automate your processes

Arthur allows clients to build automation around event/s. These include to name a few:

  • Tenancy journey
  • Tenant issues
  • Arrears
  • Compliance
  • Viewings
  • etc

What are events and what type of events are there

An event occurs when a certain set of conditions are met. When the conditions are met , it triggers an automatic action on your behalf. The action is either a communication, a task or a combination of the two

Two types

  • System events-provided by Arthur with pre-defined conditions that trigger the actions
  • Manual events – created by client with client defined conditions that trigger the actions

During the course of using Arthur there are many events that occur that require a response. The more automated these resposnses the more efficient your management. For example

Event=Create viewing

Action=Email applicant, Email current occupant, etc




 Where are these events located in Arthur

Go to Settings > Manage automated events


How are events and actions displayed in Arthur

Events are listed under their relevant groups. Within each grouping there will be the Events > Actions. This article is linked to How to add an action to an event



What is a manual event and how are they added

A manual event is created by the client with client defining the conditions.

Conditions must be met for the action to run.  Once created you are ready to apply your actions.  How to add an action to an event



Step 1

Add the event and the conditions for the event to run


Step 2

Add the conditions e.g on creation

Add the conditions e.g timed event based on days. Only use (need to add manually and leave a space between x and days)

    1. Today
    2. +x days
    3. -x days

Add the conditions e.g timed event based on minutes.

Some useful manual events include:












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