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Understanding automated triggers and actions

This article is linked to  understanding communication

This article looks at

  1. What is automation
  2. What is an event and how are they grouped
  3. How to add a manual event
  4. How are actions listed
  5. How to add an action to an event.

1. What is automation

Arthur allows clients to build automation around events/s (when something happens). These include to name a few:

  • Tenancy journey
  • Tenant issues
  • Arrears
  • Compliance
  • Work orders
  • Viewings
  • etc

To view tenancy workflow and workflow management download workflows

2. What are events and how they are grouped

Events are when things occur and are grouped together. For example, viewing events is a group together under viewings

Go to Settings >automated events


An event occurs when a certain set of conditions are met. When the conditions are met, it triggers an automatic action on your behalf.  The action created are either a communication (email.sms or notification), a task or a combination of the two.

Two types of events

  • System events-provided by Arthur with pre-defined conditions that trigger the actions
  • Manual events – created by the client with client-defined conditions that trigger the actions

The more automated the more efficient your management. For example

Event=Create viewing

Action=Email applicant, Email current occupant, etc


3. What is a manual event and how are they added

A manual event is created by the client with the client defining the conditions that Arthur must meet in order to deliver the actions

To add the event and the conditions go to the group>add a manual event




For example here is a timed based event around creating an action to send to a viewer 60 min before a viewing

Some useful manual events include:


4. How are actions displayed

Within events are the listed actions. We do provide some actions but all this can be changed to suit your needs



5. How to add an action to an event

This is explained in  how to add actions to the events

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