Understanding automated events and actions


What is an automated event ?

When an event happens it triggers an automatic response on your behalf. The response that is either a communication or a task or a combination


How does this help in my management ?

During the course of a tenancy or when handling tenant issues and workorders there are numerous events that may occur that require you to trigger automated responses.

These are demonstrated by the the two workflows below showing a tenancy and a job. The green boxes display the area where actions can created in response to events.

Where are these automated events located ?

Go to settings>manage automated events


How are events and actions displayed ?

Events are listed under their relevant groups. Within each grouping there will be the Events>resulting actions



Can more events be created ?

This can be achieved by the creation of manual events. Conditions must be met to create the event and trigger the action

The conditions below are “Rent created 7 days ago remains unpaid”










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