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Understanding certificates


1.Telling Arthur what certificates are required at property and unit level

This is a very important stage as without this a user will not know what is missing when adding certificates.

During the process of adding property and units, there is an option to add required certificates. This is shown in the article how to add properties and units

If during this process this has been missed then the user needs to go to the property and/or units and add required certificates.




Arthur will now list all certificates added here as missing. Missing certificates mean:

  1. No certificate information has been added at all against the property or unit where a required certificate has been added at the point of adding a property or unit
  2. The certificate has been added but no documents or no expiry dates have been provided. It will remain missing until both expiry dates and documents have been added. This can be overridden using the drop-down to the right “mark as completed” if you don’t want to provide dates or documents.



Clicking will show the certificate index page



Also from within properties and units, it will show missing certificates


2. Update missing certificate information

Go to the dropdown menu.>options include

  • Edit certificate – Add expiry date and upload certificate
  • Complete missing certificate – allows you to override missing element and complete
  • Extend certificate
  • Change relationship – Change relationship from current address if incorrectly entered



Edit the certificate to update information

  • Add Expiry date
  • Add certificate
  • Share with user groups app if required




3. Where to find all certificates

There is a certificate index page with filters that can help list the appropriate certificates


4. Where can certificates be added

Certificates can be added to

  1. Properties
  2. Units
  3. Tenancies
  4. Work orders


5. Who else can add a certificate

Contractors using the contractor app can add a certificate. This related to How contractors can upload a certificate


6. How to build automated responses for expiring and expired certificates

This section is linked to Adding actions to events

Go to Settings>Your Account>Automated Events>Certificates

Arthur is set up with some default actions  and send you emails, notifications or create tasks when the certificate is due to expire:

  • Certificates Added
  • Certificates Expired Today
  • Certificate Expires in 30 Days
  • Certificate Expires in 7 Days


7. Create certificate report

Go to reports>certificate reports


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