Understanding how to remit to a property owner

This article is linked to  how to apply management fees and remittance in batch

Before remitting to your owner you need to decide on two things

  1. How you want to show your remittance to your owner
  2. Where to apply your management fees

How you want to show your remittance

Your remittance can be at:

  1. Owner level
  2. Per property
  3. Per unit

Choose this first as it will determine where you put the management fee. For example if you remit by individual unit then you should apply your management fee at unit level and NOT property level.

This is linked to the article how to set your remittance preference

Where to apply your management fees


Once 1 and 2 are chosen you are now in the position to remit.In the example below we have chosen to remit by property, so the receipts will be dipslayed will be across all units within that property

Step 1

Go to financials



Choose the receipts and the management fee will be applied giving a net amount to remit


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