Understanding manual events

A manual event is where you the user set the conditions for Arthur to run a specific action.At the end of this article are links to some useful manual events that can be set up

The can trigger the action when its:

  1. Created
  2. Update and create
  3. Update
  4. Timed

The timed one is based on time such as days or minutes

Add a manual event

Step 1

Add the event and the conditions for the vent to run


Step 2

Add the conditions e.g on creation


Add the conditions e.g timed event based on days. Only use (need to add manually and leave a space between x and days)

  1. Today
  2. +x days
  3. -x days

Add the conditions e.g timed event based on minutes.


Add the action

The action will run as determined by the conditions set above. This article is linked to add an action

The action can be:

  • A communication
  • A task


Useful manual events that can be built

  1. How to use manual events to send a rent demand x no of days in advance of rent due
  2. How to use manual events to send a rent demand on the day the rent is due
  3. How To Notify Tenants Of Late Rent
  4. How to use manual events to send a reminder email that a move out or move in is happening today
  5. How to send automated selective rent demands to selective tenancy types
  6. How to add a manual event to remind a viewer 1 hour before the viewing
  7. How to create an alert to a task being overdue by x no of days
  8. How to create a notification for the management team of rent being x no of days overdue


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