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Understanding screening

For more information see articles regarding each product in Screening

What is Arthur Screening

Arthur centralizes all tenancy and guarantor screenings onto one screen. Screening is carried out by our integrated partners. These include

  1. Credit check by Transunion. For more details see Screening via TransUnion.
  2. Referencing by Advanced tenant  For more details see screening via Advanced rent
  3. Referencing by Homeppl (Coming soon)

Do I need to create an account with these suppliers?

No. Arthur holds the account, our integration sends and brings back all the data.


How much does screening cost?

Each product has its own pricing which can be found in our store.


Who can be screened?

  • Applicants
  • Tenants
  • Guarantors

Where in the system can the screening happen?

This can occur within the actual record or from within the screening index page as shown below.

Screening index page



Within the applicant record, Credit checks are available


Within a tenancy record, the tenants and guarantors  can be fully referenced or credit check

Tenant for credit check


Tenancy for reference





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