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Understanding statements and invoicing

Arthur produces statements and individual invoices written using our own proprietary reporting tool called Apollo. The statements are then output to a 3rd party software called Stimulsoft.

Please note some system statements and Invoices still exist using our older reporting tool (called Enhanced reports). These will not display Apollo below. These are gradually being updated

Statements and invoices are available as;

  • System statements and invoices
  • Bespoke statements and invoices

Printing can be done;

  • Individually
  • In batch

System statements and invoices

To print any statement or invoice on an individual basis on Arthur (Tenancy, owner, contractor), go to the statement/transation>print





Choose the appropriate statement or invoice type to be printed individually


At this point, a Stimulsoft page will open presenting options on the page that include

  1. Print
  2. Save back to Arthur – When saved to Arthur you can use Arthur to share and or/email. This is linked to understanding documents
  3. Save in different formats to your desktop
  4. Send us an email


Bespoke statements and invoices

Clients on professional and enterprise will see their logos appear. This is linked to the personalization of Arthur

For Bespoke statements and invoices please call for a quote


Printing in batch

There are opportunities for certain business types to print and send statements in Batch. These include

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