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Understanding task types

What are task types?

Task types act like folders. They allow you to filter and group different tasks together. Furthermore, you can define different actions to happen based on a specific task type. e.g. who is notified, what checklist is added and what pop-up appears. Arthur provides a set of default task types

Who can view a task type?

How to create or edit a default task type

Go to prefrences>tasks


  • Create a name
  • Choose an icon
  • Choose a color
  • Choose an appropriate checklist (if applicable)
  • Choose a member of the team that is responsible for that task (if applicable)
  • Share with tenants – This will show on the tenant login when they raise an issue


Automatically Assign the task and automatically add a required subtask template

To understand subtask templates click here




How to create suggested solutions for tenants when they raise an issue

*Only available on Enterprise

To try and avoid an issue being raised, a response can be built into the task type. This means that when a tenant raises an issue, the pop-up that has been defined for that task type will appear before they are able to raise an issue. These solutions are defined by you and are not provided by Arthur. You are able to add hyperlinks to web pages, images and videos to your pop-up. You cannot add in images directly to the pop-up.

First you must create your task type. Next, select Edit Suggested Solution from the drop down.

If you do not wish to have a pop-up for the tenant, select the ‘Leave it blank‘ option. If you would like a pop-up to appear, select ‘Create new solution‘ and enter your texts and links to the white box, selecting formatting options from the buttons provided. Once you’re finished, select ‘Save Suggested Solution

Property manager solution

Your pop-up will then appear when your tenants try and raise an issue either via the app* or via the web portal.


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