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Understanding the Contractor Bills Screen

Go to Financials > Contractor Bills to View, Print, Authorize and Pay Contractor Bills


Contractor Bills Screen:

Select the status on the left to view All, Voided, Paid, Overdue, Unpaid, Authorised for Payment.

Note: To view the Legacy screen for unpaid contractor bills click in the top right.

Batch Remittance:

In order to batch remit to your contractors you must first ensure the transactions are authorised.

The are two ways contractor bills may be authorised.

Automation authorisation A contractor bill attains the authorised status once the related tenant/property owner transaction is paid off/reconciled or remitted.

Manual authorisation: by selecting a transaction with status funds not reserved you will be taken into another screen where you can then manually authorise it for payment transaction.

Select the relevant transactions that are being paid to the contractor.

Note: transactions with status funds not reserved means either the related tenant/property owner transaction is unpaid or there is not related tenant/property owner transaction for the contractor bill.


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