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Understanding the Income Screen

*Please note if are a Xero user, this screen does not effect anything in your Xero account, this should be treated separately to Xero*

The income screen shows all the revenue your business has received. It is designed to help your business understand its position in the company and it provides you with the correct figures to send to other bank accounts. In some cases you may need to transfer your income to another bank account and this screen will help you do so.

This includes:

  • Direct rent
  • The mark-up on contractor jobs
  • Agency fees

The status’ of income are as follows:

  • Not ready – This indicates that a charge has not yet been paid off/payment is yet to be received.
  • Part-transferred – Represents a transaction that is partially paid off.
  • Ready to transfer – Once a transaction is paid or remitted it will be set to ready to transfer
  • Fully-Transferred – This status represents transactions that have been marked as transferred from the client to the business account on arthur

*In order for transactions to show here they need to be attached to the account group income*


How to transfer

Choose any number of income lines where the status is ready to transfer

The following screen shows the amount to be transferred and the list of accounts to be transferred to.

Please Note: You can’t undo a Transfer once it’s done


What if I do not wish to transfer anything because the money stays in my business account?

In some cases (Self-managing landlords), the money will remain in your business bank account but you wish for the transferable income figure in Arthur to reset or show as 0.

You would still record the money as a transfer however, it would be recorded to the same bank account.

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