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Understanding user goups

There are four user groups within Arthur:

  1. Property Managers
  2. Tenants
  3. Contractors
  4. 3rd party owners (Those that have given away their management)*

*Note that the R2R model where the owner has let his property for a fixed fee is not the same person as above. 

Access to Arthur for all user groups is by invite only. Every user group has access to both a web-based portal (recommended browser of Chrome) and a smartphone app on either the AppStore or PlayStore.

For property managers, the smartphone app offers a helpful companion to the web-based portal for use on the go. Users are able to: track and update viewings, raise and complete tasks, view contact details and much more

Key Features for Tenants, Owners and Contractors:

  • Tenants – View documentation, track payments due or made, raise issues, communicate with managers
  • Contractors – Offer quotes, accept and decline work, upload invoices and photos, communicate with managers and contractors
  • Owners – Track the occupancy of their portfolio, view remittance statements and other documentation, approve quotes, communicate with managers

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