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Understanding wokorders that require quotes

A quote is either generated within

  1. A job created with quote required – This can be accepted my multiple contractors inorder to obtain the best quote
  2. A job created without a quote – This can only be accepted by on contrcator on a first come first serve

This article assumes the contrcator is using the app

A job created with quote required

Step 1

Create your work order and ensure you tick quote required

Step 2

Arthur wil notify you of an incoming quote. Quotes awaiting approval can be found on the dashboard. A notification can be created in automated events to notify the team of an incomming quote


Within the workorder>summary details of the quote can also be seen



Stage 3

Once a quote has been added or received from the contractor it can be:

  • Edited
  • Accepted by the manager
  • Sent to property owner for approval




A job created without a quote

In this example a job was accepted by a contractor without a quote. He then later provides a quote. Tho view this quote click on quotes to approve







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