Understanding workorders

What are workorders?

A workorder is the digital equivalent of a worksheet to be given to a Contractor to carry out work.

Where can you add a work order?

Workorders can be added to:

  • A task
  • Property
  • Unit
  • Tenancy
  • Expiring Certificate

How does hirachy determine who sees workorders?

  • Property owners – Can view and approve workorders. They do not see contractor details or contact details
  • Tenants – Can only see the contractor that has been allocated the job

How are workorders created?

Two ways to create a workorder:

  • Within a task; This is the most common.
  • Independent of a task

Can workorders be scheduled to recurr?


How does hirachy affect what you can action within a workorder?

Depending at which level a workorder is related to, property, unit or tenancy will determine what functions are available to you. For example the contractor needs contact details of the tenants. Depending on the relationship as below:

  • Property level – Access all tenant contact details in teh property
  • Unit level – Access tenants within that unit
  • Tenancy level – Access details to those tenants on that tenancy

How do invoices get generated against a workorder?

These are either added;

  1. Via the contractor app
  2. Manually by the property manager


Frequently asked Question

Question: What if my Contractor does not want to use Arthur?

Answer: You can still create work orders and accept it on their behalf. Alternatively contractors can accept the job via the email sent to them. You can further print the workorder and email to them. We advise the app is the most efficient route to handling jobs.

Question: Do contrcators see tenants contact details

Answer: Only once the job has been allocated. If you do not want them to have access to details you need to tick no access within the workorder.



This shows how a best to handle a tenant issue:





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