Understanding Workorders

What is a Workorder?

Workorders are worksheets to be sent to a Contractor to carry out Work.

Where can you add a workorder?

Workorders can be added to;

  • A task
  • Property
  • Unit
  • Tenancy
  • Expiring Certificate



This shows how a best to handle a tenant issue at the top


Frequently asked Question

Question: Is it best to create workorders independent of a task?

Answer:  No. It is best that the workorder is created within a task as the task is for internal use and offers the the greater ability for categorising and reporting

Question: What if my Contractor does not want to use Arthur?

Answer: You can still create workorders and accept it on their behalf. Alternatively contractors can accept the job via the email sent to them


Question: Can more than one contractor accept a job?

Answer: Unless the workorder includes the option to quote,  jobs sent to multiple contractors is done on a first come first serve basis​ with the the loosing contractors having jobs removed from their app




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