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Understanding tags and how to filter by them

A “tag” refers to a common word or phrase assigned to something within Arthur. Tags can be filtered and included in any reports. They also serve as a great visual reminder for key information you want staff to be aware of.


This article looks at:

  1. Where can tags be created
  2. How to filter by them
  3. How to remove or edit them

1. Where can tags be created?

You can create tags in many areas:

  • Properties
  • Units
  • Tenancies
  • Tasks
  • Work orders
  • Documents
  • Notes
 For example, here we see tags being added to tasks based on importance. Please note you can add multiple tags to a row

2. How to filter by them

You are now able to filter by tags.

3 How to remove or edit a tag

Click on the tag>pencil


To remove use the bin


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