How to Pre-populate your documents with Digital Signature Fields


To get the best out of this feature load document templates that fit your scenarios. For example you run tenancy agreements from 1 – 6 tenants on a tenancy. Create 6 templates to handle each screnario



Step 1  – Find the digital signature singable variables in Arthur

Go to Documents>Mail Merge Templates>Document Types (left side)>Tenancy>View Variables

Within view variables, scroll down to find the digital signature pre-populating fields. Copy the required fields needed to be inserted into your Singable document

Step 2  – Adding the Digital Signature fields into your document

Open your contract in a Word document on your computer and add the copied digital signature fields into your signature boxes.

Ensure variables are not put in the headers or footers of the document.

Step 3  – Uploading the document as an Arthur Mail Merge Template

Go to Documents>Mail Merge Templates>Upload Document and upload your document.

Ensure that when uploading your document, you have shared it with the correct Model, either the Property, Unit or Tenancy. Also ensure you upload as a .docx file format

Step 4- Mail merge

Go to tenancy>add mailmerge>choose contract



Step 5 – Create digital signature

Choose from the dropdown the signers. This linked to creating a digital signature



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