Add-on: Integrated company website

Arthur can provide a template website for your business with zero build cost. Our team can create and personalise your website to fit you design preferences quickly and easily.

  • Allows for applicants to come into Arthur via website
  • Updated  by Arthur on availability
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Fully GDPR compliant




















How the integration works

By using Arthur’s integrated website, the need for double entry is removed. Applicants will automatically feed directly from your website into Arthur to allow you to create viewings, listings will be created automatically based on a units status and your team will save even more time!


  • Zero setup fees
  • £55.00+VAT pcm (minimium of 12 months)


  1. Choose a theme
  2. Provide details of your domain
  3. Provide branding documents
  4. Provide text for services and about us

Please note functionality is fixed on these websites. 

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