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Available apps for your business

Arthur is the only property management software that offers apps for all your stakeholders. Tenants, Contractors, Owners, and managers each have their own specific app that they can log in with and view all the information they need. These apps decrease the amount of time spent on administration, phone calls and emails by giving stakeholders access to the information they want at their fingertips.

The names of the apps on both the AppStore and PlayStore are:

  • Property manager = Arthur
  • Tenant = Arthur tenant
  • Contractor = Arthur contractor
  • Owner = Arthur owner

Bespoke apps are available for both the Tenant and Owner apps. If chosen, the apps will sit on the AppStore and PlayStore with your branding. You are also able to ‘Turn off’ and ‘Add onto’ the functionality available on these apps. To understand more, click here.

Understanding what each user group can do on their app



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