Troubleshoot automated emails and tasks not being generated

When an automated action (send message or tasks) fails to run there are three things to check.**PS if its a message please ask your recipient to check their junk mail

1. Check Message History to Confirm that the Message Did Actually Not Send

Follow this link to see the message has left your account.   Seeing all messages that have left your account

2. Check you Have an Email Address

Check the tenants or applicants email:  is it there or has been incorrectly entered.

Tenancies>Open/View a Tenant>Tenants>Check The Email

Viewings>Open/View a Viewing>Applicants

3. Check that the Events Area has not Been Disabled

disable tenant management

4. Check that the action has not been disabled

Check the automated action is active . Go to Settings>Automated Events>Group/Category>Automated Event>Action

Ensure there is a tick in “Action is active and will run

5. Check that the Action is Send to a Recipient

Check that a recipient has been chosen: go to Settings>Automated Events>Group/Category>Automated Event>Action


If this fails to solve your issue please come back to us on the chat with details of the issue

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