Specifying your owner remittance preference

Depending on how you have asked Arthur to display the information via Contacts>Property Owners>Open/View a Property Owner>Units will determine what information is displayed on Property Owner Statement viewed at any Level.

Next, select your method of grouping. Following from the steps above, when you have selected the property owner, it will take you to a page resembling the one in the screenshot below. First select ‘Properties’ do your updates, then click ‘Units’ and do your updates where it will list all of the units that the property owner owns.

Note: Make sure you specify on the property AND the units within the same remittance preference.

After selecting the method you wish to remit by, You must press ‘Save‘ to confirm the changes you have implemented.

Batch Update

If you have a larger portfolio you can update you remittance preference using the batch update feature. See the video below:

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