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Xero feedback

This article shows you how you to leave your feedback on Arthur, via Xero.

Your feedback is appreciated by all our team members at Arthur. It enables us to see how the product is working for you, and allows us to map the future of Arthur.

Step 1: Click on the following link

By clicking on the above link, it will take you to the following screen;

feedback 6

Step 2: Clicking on the “Login & Reply” option will take you to the following screen where you must sign into your Xero account. The screen you should see looks like the following;

Feedback 2By logging in to your account, you will now be able to add your beautiful review :)

Step 3: Logging into your “Xero” account, will allow you to enter your review. It will take you to the following screen;

Feedback 4

Clicking the ‘Post a review‘ button will now allow you to Post a review on Xero.

Feedback 5

We can’t wait to read your review!!!

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