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Understanding and connecting to Zapier

What is Zapier

Zapier allows different software to post to each other. A zap consists of a trigger and an action: When this happens (Trigger), do something (Action). Once you have created your ZapZapier will check your trigger every few minutes for new data.

How does Zapier charge

Zapier has a free option (Trigger + action) but also has pricing plans based on multi-step zaps (Trigger + action + action) and connections to certain premium apps.  To see their pricing model see Zapier pricing 

What is required

  1. The client needs to open a zapier account
  2. The client either undergoes the connection themselves or sources a developer. Ensure you discuss your workflow and needs with the developer

What does Arthur support

Our team may assist with questions but we do not support customers integartions

Examples of how Arthur and Zapier works


Adding and updating a viewing are priced by Arthur as two separate builds as they are two separate workflows.

To  add a viewing to the calendar is a 2 step zap

Step 1 – trigger is adding a viewing

Step 2 – the action could be posted to outlook

To update the viewing will require a 3 step Zap and this will require a payment plan on Zapier (see above) and additional charge by Arthur

Step 1 – The trigger is updating a viewing

Step 2 – The action is finding the previous viewing

Step 3 – is updated with new information


How to connect Arthur to Zapier

When you first try to connect your Arthur and Zapier accounts, you will be prompted to add your Arthur entity ID.

Zapier entity


Your Arthur entity ID can be found by going to Settings>OAuth Applications



Once completed, your Arthur account will remain connected to your Zapier account until you revoke permission





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