Integrate with Zapier

What is Zapier

Zapier allows different softwares to post to eachother. A zap consists of a trigger and an action: When this happens (Trigger), do something (Action). Once you have created your zapZapier will check your trigger every few minutes for new data.

How does Zapier charge

Zapier has a free option (Trigger + action) but also has pricing plans based on multi step zaps (Trigger + action + action) and connections to certain premium apps (e.g facebook).  To see there pricing model see Zapier pricing 

What does Arthur charge

If clients do not want to build their own Zaps, our team can build the connection . The process will take a few days but includes fixing any bugs or changes as a result of changes in Zapier or Arthur.

Each build is priced in line with a clients package.: (This maybe subject to change based on the complexity of the worklow required)

  • Standard £70.00 + vat
  • Professional £65.00 + vat
  • Enterprise £60.00 + vat

What if the client does their own integration

To investigate an issue we charge £25.00 + vat per hour. Most issues generally will fall within this period. If the issue is as a result of a bug in Arthur then no charge will be applied.

What is required

  1. The client needs to open a zapier account
  2. Discuss with our implementation team their requirements
  3. The team will confirm the worklow and any price fluctuation prior to build


Adding and updating a viewing are priced by Arthur as two seperate builds as they are two seperate workflows.

To  add a viewing to the calander is a 2 step zap

Step 1 – trigger is adding a viewing

Step 2 – the action could be post to outlook

To update the viewing will require a 3 step Zap and this will require a payement plan on Zapier (see above) and additional charge by Arthur

Step 1 – The trigger is updating a viewing

Step 2 – The acion is find previous viewing

Step 3 – is update with new information



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