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Identity Guide

Master logo

No logos can be used without the express permission of Arthuronline Ltd



Logo clear space

Logo clear space, is for the separation of the logo from other elements. The margin of clear space is equivalent to 1/2 the logo’s height.



Logo variations

The full colour logo can be used on a white or light background.

The one colour logo (blue) can be used on white or light background.

The one colour logo (white) can be used on a coloured background. The background colour must have enough contrast.

The monochrome logo can be used on white or light background.

The conditions above apply to the secondary logo as well.



Logo minimum size

Minimum size for web and mobile:

Minimum size for print:



Logo improper uses

DON’T resolve the logo in two different colours.

DON’T rotate the logo.

DON’T use the wordmark without the icon.

DON’T distort or warp the logo.

DON’T use the logo on low contrast background.

DON’T use the logo on busy image.



Primary colours

HEX: 0072CE
RGB: 0, 114, 206
CMYK: 100, 45, 0 ,19

HEX1: 00BFD6
HEX2: 0072CE

HEX: 004159
RGB: 0, 65, 89
CMYK: 100, 19, 25, 74



Accreditation logo

The accreditation logo is only to be used by those who have attended courses and completed the process to understand Arthur’s in depth functionality and integration to partnered software.



Download assets

Click to download Arthur logos as PNG’s (200KB zip)