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Case Study - New Capital Estates

Don't just take our word for it! New Capital Estates migrated to Arthur from Tilt in December 2021, read about their experience throughout the migration process and how Arthur has already begun to transform their business processes.

The visibility and flexibility are much better in Arthur - especially with rents due.

Afzal Hussain Business Development Manager, New Capital Estates

We have found that we are doing a lot less paperwork since starting Arthur and the workflows of the system or helping to keep us organised.

How did you find the switch from Tilt to Arthur?

We found that the switch was very smooth. Before I knew it, everything was in place to start using the new system. I didn’t have any other systems before Origin but I did still find the migration process to be effortless. At first, we were a bit concerned about losing data but everything transferred over just fine.

How do you feel about the level of support you received throughout the process?

The online Zoom classes were very informative and most helpful during the process; we definitely felt that we were supported adequately.

What impact do you think Arthur will have on your agency’s efficiency?

We have found that we are doing a lot less paperwork since starting Arthur and the workflows of the system or helping to keep me organised especially as I’m getting more and more used to the system. Also, there is much better visibility of rents due and more flexibility for applying rent in Arthur compared to Origin.

What was your main concern before you switched? Is this still a concern now?

Prior to the switch, our main concern was spending too much time on admin. Luckily, with Arthur’s efficient system this is no longer a concern for us. We now have more time to spend on core, revenue-generating tasks that help to boost our business’s success.

Which additional Arthur features do you feel will have the biggest impact on your business?

One of the greatest additional features that Arthur offers is its certificate reminders and compliance reminders. These reminders are just so much better on Arthur, they’re easier to see, more informative, and easier to navigate. We’re looking forward to the next level of automation.

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