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Arthur & Xero – Centred property management

October 25th, 2017
Arthur & Xero – Centred property management

Property management is stressful; anyone involved in the business knows that. But, it can be simplified. With Arthur and Xero, you too can have centred property management

One of the best ways to help make your life easier is to systematise and that is what Arthur Online does. Arthur is revolutionary property management software that connects your team, tenants, landlords and contractors together, with the property manager at the centre. There will always be a million moving parts, but there is only one software that control over all of them in the palm of your hand.

As the property manager, you are able to view incoming tasks from tenants, assess the situation and decide on the best cause of action. From here, you can assign contractors, or handle the issue yourself, quickly and easily. For the tenant, they are able to easily communicate with the property manager whilst seeing an updated activity list so they know what is happening to fix their problem. This transparency ensures that what can often be a fractious relationship, remains calm and at arm’s length.

By using Arthur and Xero together, through their seamless integration, property financials have never been easier. Rent reconciliations are able to be completed on a single screen, with invoices from Arthur matching against payments in Xero. At the tap of a button, your rent reconciliation is completed in minutes, with no double entry. Furthermore, as one of our clients commented, rather than having to “rely on memory” or “continuously check a calendar” to see when rents are due, the automated generation of invoices in Arthur meant it was impossible to forget when rents were due. This isn’t even to mention the fact that disbursement charges against tenants and invoices raised within Arthur by contractors sync with Xero too.

The integration truly is a powerful thing. When connected, P&Ls can be produced on a property by property basis, ensuring you know which property is costing you money and which one is making you money. The synchronisation means that you are at the top of your property and accounting game, making you…centred.

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