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How PropTech is Revolutionising Student Accommodation

June 5th, 2018
How PropTech is Revolutionising Student Accommodation

As our society becomes more and more reliant on technology to make our lives easier, property management companies are adopting software to help manage their portfolio.
The student accommodation sector is becoming progressively competitive and as more companies focus on growth, more emphasis is placed on opportunities to scale business operations and reduce costs.

Technology offers a way to do this. Hours on spreadsheets and manual messages increases the manpower needed to manage properties; the whole automating process decreases this communication time benefitting both tenants and accommodation managers through a more streamlined process.
Award winning student accommodation Kexgill, voted “Landlord of the year, 2015”, experienced rapid business growth over the past few years and now have nine branch offices across the North of England and the Midlands, managing more than 3,000 units overall.

After such expansion, Kexgill struggled to cope with an increasing number of applicants who scheduled viewings, increasing the amount of paperwork for hundreds of newly approved tenants. At the same time, rents needed to be chased daily and keeping track of incoming maintenance issues was becoming increasingly challenging.  The company required an all-inclusive solution to scale their business operations and streamline their day-to-day management processes, whilst keeping all information in one place. It was at that point when they chose to use Arthur Online to manage their rooms in 2016.

Arthur is a property management platform whose goal is to simplify the process of property management by offering property managers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all their needs. Arthur enabled Kexgill to automate and manage many of their daily tasks that they dreaded from any location.  Arthur is the first product that connects all parties with an interest in a property together on one platform. Ideally suited for student accommodation providers, the system offers accessibility of documents and contracts, digital signatures and options to raise maintenance issues within the app giving tenants and property managers peace of mind. With a streamlined and simplified management approach, communication is easy and efficient. Arthur outshines old fashioned paper documents, spreadsheets and endless emails, improving the experience of student tenants by allowing for better management, transparency and understanding in a world they may not be familiar with.

By using Arthur Online in their everyday management, Kexgill benefits from reduced paperwork. Documents and certificates can be digitally signed and stored within the app accessible to tenants and managers at any time, meaning they will never lose vital documents. Equipped with a powerful automated engine, Arthur enables Kexgill to systematise the onboarding process of new tenants by automating communications and internal tasks at all stages of their journey. Furthermore, Arthur’s workflow management system has streamlined Kexgill’s ability to handle incoming maintenance issues, giving tenants peace of mind.

Dannielle Read, Administrator at Kexgill said:

“Arthur has really helped us to be more efficient and organised. We can now send contracts to tenants easily and enable tenants to track the status of their repairs without them having to call us on a regular basis. We couldn’t manage without it now”

For the tenant, Arthur offers an easy point of contact with the property manager. Arthur’s exceptional new Tenant App has been recently re-designed to give tenants a user-friendly interface enabling them to access all information regarding their tenancy, for example, documents and rent statements, as well as additional property information. With just the tap of a finger, tenants can raise issues, check white goods manuals and even activate break clauses or make a request to extend their tenancy. The improved flow of information ensures transparency and efficiency, while the ability to track the progress of a raised issue gives tenants peace of mind.

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