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Integration: The future of Software

October 5th, 2017
Integration: The future of Software

The internet is now dominated by software; some are really good at one thing, some at others, some try to do it all in one. For the consumer, there is a vast array of products to choose from. However, those that try to offer an all-in-one package often end up skimping on the functionality, leaving users shortchanged and still not finding a complete solution. Whilst those software’s that have chosen to concentrate on one thing and do it really well can leave users switching between screens and having to re-enter information.

This is why integration is so important. Suppliers are slowly becoming aware of the fact that consumers want everything to be connected. They want their business to be as streamlined as possible, this means that they need to stop double entry and use their software to its maximum potential. But, they are scared that if they integrate with other software’s, they will loose clients; they believe the client should stay within their platform and never leave. This is a ridiculous thought.

The best software’s I have ever used are one’s with open API’s that are always looking to integrate with different software’s. It improves my ability to run my company and speeds everything up. If I know that as soon as I add something to one software that information has been passed across to another then I can rest easy in the knowledge my life is a lot easier.

For proptech there are so many possibilities when it comes to integration. The most powerful, and useful, I have found is integration between property management software and accounting packages. All property management software I have come across does not go into the financial depth needed for a complete business. This means that there is a lot of double entry and things like rent reconciliation are still time consuming. By using two software’s that integrate together, like Arthur and Xero, I can see my unpaid rents and a live bank feed next to each other, payments and invoices are then linked together and I just have to okay it.

Integration between software’s is becoming easier and easier too. Previously, integrations could take a long time to take form, with both sides having to work hard to make sure there were no problems and the software’s fitted seamlessly together. Recently, though, there has been a rise of platforms which integrate software’s for you. These platforms, like Zapier, act as a bridge between the software’s you use, sending information from one to another when predetermined events happen – it’s amazing! Rather than waiting months for an integration, you can create your own in seconds.

Looking to the future, software’s that refuse to integrate will die off, as will those who refuse to use them.

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