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Income tax calculator for property investors

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Please note: The function of this calculator is to provide you a guide for your tax liability on any single property used to generate rental income, but it is not intended to serve as definitive tax advice. No action should be taken without consulting the detailed legislation or seeking professional accounting advice. Arthur Online accepts no responsibility for any discrepancies from information taken herein

Year One Rental Income

Annual Tax Payable

Rental Income
LESS:Tax Deductible Finance Costs
Allowable Expenses:
LESS: Tax Deductible Repair costs
LESS: Other Allowable Expenses
Taxable Profits
Pre Adjusted Tax
LESS: Basic Rate Finance Cost Adjustment
Total Tax Payable
Effective Tax Rate

Rental Income

Annual Rental Income
LESS: Mortgage Costs
LESS: Repair costs
LESS: Other Costs
Annual Take Home
Monthly Take Home

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