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How to Reconcile a Charge the Landlord has Paid you directly (Xero Users)

Sometimes Landlords/Property Owners may send money directly to their Management Agency, this article will explain how to reconcile transactions when the landlord has made a payment to you.

Step 1 – Add Transaction

You should already have a charge against your owner, if not, add a charge against your owner (this can be “Management Fee Charge”/”Sundry Charge”), next add your Property Owner Receipt

po receipt

Step 2 – Run a Sync with Xero

How to run a sync with Xero

Step 3 – Reconcile

You can now reconcile the transaction as a received item.

xero reconcile

Step 4 – Remit

You can now remit the charge you raised to the owner against the Property Owner receipt. This should always leave a remittance of £0.00.

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