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How to refund a Tenant with Arthur Live Bank Feed

For scenarios where you have a receipt from a tenant which is an overpayment or a credit note and you would like to make a refund from the bank to the tenant.

Step 1

Locate the tenancy and go to the statement area where you will Add Transaction > Select  the Tenancy refund transaction type.

Enter the total amount you want to refund.



Step 2

Allocate “Tenancy refund” to the tenancy receipt (Overpayment) or a Credit Note. Please see for how to make a credit note

Click on the drop down arrow of the Tenancy Refund > Allocate to Transaction > enter the full amount

This step allows the tenancy refund transaction to show on Arthur Live Bank Feed. Unallocated tenancy refunds will not appear as available to reconcile.




Step 3 Reconciliation

Find the corresponding Spent item of your bank feed

Search the TR number of “Tenancy Refund”

Click “Match”




When you unreconcile a tenancy refund, the tenancy receipt or credit note it is allocated to will not be voided. Only the “Tenancy refund” transaction will be deleted and the bank statement line will then reappear for you to reconcile in your bank feed.

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