How to Remit, Print and Send Statements to Property Owners

This article will cover

  1. How to remit
  2. Print and send in batch – You must be on a Professional/Enterprise package to use the batch feature.*
  3. Export a batch payment to your bank

How you want to display your remittance

Your remittance can be at:

  1. Owner level
  2. Per property
  3. Per unit

This is linked to the article how to set your owner remittance preference and how to apply a management feeOnce  chosen you are now in the position to remit.

How to remit

Remitting will be allowed asuming thereis a positive balnace to remit

Step 1

Go to Financials > Property Owner Remittance

Step 2

*Note: Please make sure your remittance values are correct before you remit in batch* This can be done by:

1. “select transaction and remit” and viewing the listed transactions on each remittance line, or; 


2. Go To Reports > Financials > Property Owner Balances. This report details all unremitted transactions on your owner statements, you can use this to ensure  your remittance amounts are correct for each owner before processing in Batch.

Step 3

Once you are happy with your remittance values. Select/deselect the lines you would like to remit. Then select “Batch Remittance”


Step 4

On this page you can adjust the float amounts for each remittance line. Once happy select the date and the bank account/s you are paying the remittance out of, then select “start remittance”.

Step 5

Once the remittance is processed you can see the remittance payments on “Payments List”.


Payement in batch

Note: In order to use this feature you will need to ensure your owners have there correct emails input on their contact in Arthur. Once remitted it will show in the owner app under documents automatically. see How an owner views their remittances

Step 1

Go to Financials > Payments List.

Step 2

Select/deselect the payments you would like to batch print. Then select “Batch Print to PDF”, this will download the statement onto Arthur ready for them to be sent.

Once printed the document will be available to view in the Documents sections around the website (Property/Unit/Tenancy and Contacts level).


Step 3

Select/deselect the payments you would like to email to owners. Then select “Share via email”.


Export payments CSV in batch to import into a bank account

Note: In order to use this feature it is important you have input the correct bank details of your owners onto their Arthur contact. This can be done in Contacts > Property Owners > Bank Accounts

Step 1

Once you have sent your statements off to your owners you can export a CSV file of your payments.


Step 2

Once you have made the payments to the owners. Update the payments in Arthur to “Set as paid”.

To view paid remittances you will need to select the “Show paid” check box.


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