How to sign attached document in one envelope

This article is linked to How to create a mail merge document.

Note – This will only work with mail merge documents that have pre-populated signature fields see how to create pre-pulated fields

Below`s example is to attach the prescibed information to the AST and have the document sign it. To perform this task you will need to have applied the signature fields on to the prescribed information.

Stage 1

Create you mail merge documents as usual. However, before the option to create digital signature, select the (attcahed document in this case the right to rent) and  Convert document .pdf and save the document.

Repeat this process for as many mail merge documents you would like to send out as part of the envelope.

Automatically create ast

Stage 2

Go to tenancy>document and select the document you would like to be signed and select Create digital signature using the drop-down

digitally sign ast

Stage 3

Start the signature process and duting the process you will have the option to attach  your document to be signed


Stage 4

Sign first of the two document


Sign next document















This document will then also be required to be signed and will follow the same order as the first document.

Note – If the additional documents do not have the same amount of signature fields as the first document, then the additional documents will follow the order up until the signature fields run out. E.g. If document one has two signature fields and document two has one signature field, then only the first signer will be required to sign the second document

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