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What are the signature options when using digital signatures

This article looks at:

  1. Adding signature fields manually
  2. Adding pre-defined fields

1. Manual input of signature fields

Here the user goes to where they want on the contract and adds the fields manually.

This is linked to the article how-to mailmerge a document

2. Adding pre-defined signature fields

This is linked to the article how-to mailmerge a document

This will display the signers at the top of the contract as dropdowns. Once chosen they will display in the contract. This method will require several versions of the same contract so the correct number of signature boxes show.

This feature allows for Signable fields to be pre-populated with signature fields, text boxes, checkboxes, etc. on your contract. This means you only have to define what order individuals sign in, rather than placing and assigning each box using the drag and drop method. The drag and drop method is great for non-templated documents.


  • Contract single occupant
  • Contract two occupants
  • Contract three occupants
  • Etc



Until a signatory is applied and the document sent, the signature field will display as shown.






Step 1  – Find the digital signature singable variables in Arthur

Go to Documents>Mail Merge Templates>Document Types (left side)>Tenancy>View Variables

Within View Variables, scroll down to find the digital signature pre-populating fields. Copy the required fields needed to be inserted into your Singable document.





Step 2  – Adding the Digital Signature fields into your document

Open your contract in a Word document on your computer and add the copied digital signature fields into your signature boxes.

Ensure variables are not put in the headers or footers of the document.


Step 3  – Uploading the document as a template

Go to Documents>Mail Merge Templates>Upload Document and upload your document.

Ensure that when uploading your document, you have shared it with the correct Model, either the Property, Unit, or Tenancy. Also, ensure you upload as a .docx file format.

Where different numbers of tenants will be on the contract, you should upload different templates for the different number of signers and select the correct one when you are creating the mail merge (see example below).















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