Understanding how documents are handled

When uploading a document, Arthur will create a “master” version of this document in the document> root directory. This document can have multiple relationships and can be viewed by the different users.

Lets us break down these elements.

Where is the master document kept?

When uploaded  the “master document” is kept in the document root directory area as shown below


What is the difference between “shared with” and “attached to”

When a document is “shared with” it means who has visibility of that document.  Tenants, contractors, agents and owners

When a document is“Attached toit means that it has a relationship to that particular area of Arthur from which it can be “shared with” 

A document can have multiple relationships. For e.g an operating manual for the boiler may have a relationship to a property and a workorder.  From the property it can be “shared with” the tenants and from the workorder “shared with” the contractor, owner etc

Documents can be “attached to” the following areas of Arthur.

  • Property
  • Unit
  • Applicant
  • Tenancy
  • Task
  • Workorder
  • Transaction
  • Certificate
  • Notice
  • Contact

See  “Attached to” on a screen

See “Shared with” click on one of the relationships

How to delete a file ?

If you delete a file from any of the related areas above it simply removes that relationship e.g deleting a property document will remove that relationship but not delete the document permanently from the root directory. To permanently delete the document go to the root directory and delete

How to share or un-share a document ?

When adding a document for instance to a property there will be an option to share that document with “All unit tenants”. Each area above where a document has been added will have options to “share with”

To remove “share with” or later add “share with”

From the related area

documents>share with

From the root directory

Click on the attached to>edit



How to create new relationship ?

Go to either the root directory or the area where the document was added e.g a property and  “Attach to” to create an additional relationships. Attaching multiple document can be done by selecting more than one

Attach individual documents to a new relationship


Attach multiple document/s to a new relationship



Choose another relationship to apply this document to


How to Email the document/s to a recipient?

Documents can be emailed individually or in bulk to a recipient in Arthur.


How to share a document with all tenants in the portfolio

Go to documents at the  root directory> upload>ensure that there is no relationship


Sharing an existing document with all occupants

Go to the document at the root directory>share with all occupants

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