How to get Arthur to notify you a deposit remains un-registered using timed events

A registered deposit must be registered within 30 days of receipt. Whilst on the dashboard Arthur has an indicator box a user may want a notification or email or SMS to remind them the deposit remains un-registered. This can be done using the start date of the tenancy. Whilst not the date received its a useful point from which to create the notification from.

To create a “Timed action” you will need to go to to settings>automated events>tenancies>manual event


Create a Manual event

The first thing is to create the timed event “Deposit remains un registered” and set the conditions which determine when the notification runs. In the example below the notification occurs after 20 days from the start date of the tenancy.

The conditions are;

  • Unreg deposit>True (deposit is still unregistered)
  • Tenancy start was 20 days ago


Create the action to run

Here we have used notification as the delivery method (“apply a process”). Alternatively you can use text or emails.

  1. Add action

  1. Create a title

  2. Check both boxes

  3. Apply a process – in this case its a notification

  4. Create your message. Right click in the box to bring up the variables

  5. Save


This action will now run 20 days after the start date and will appear on notification on your dash board and your phone – see below


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