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How to use automation to notify tenants of late rent x no of days after due date

This article is linked to Understanding automations

Notifying a tenant they are late for rent can be done by creating a customized trigger that is either

  1. As a function of time
  2. Manually triggered within a tenancy

As a function of time

Step 1

Go to preferences>add customized triggers




Step 1

This email is within financials as its a result of a transaction being unpaid


Step 2

Choose timed trigger


Step 3


Choose the conditions for the trigger

  1. Transaction type
  2. Paid=unpaid
  3. Created date= -7 days”This means that 7 days after the transaction was created.



To only send  emails to certain tenancy types and/or subtypes use the conditions that allow for this




Step 4

Now that the event has been created you are ready to add the “action” that delivers the communication. This is linked to how to add actions to triggers.





Send to: Tenants

Create the email and add the variable “Tenant Overdue Transactions”


Email sent


Manually triggered

Creating emails that send manually is done very much in the same way as above but at a Tenancy level. These emails will be created the once and sit ready for you to send at any time

Step 1

Chose manual trigger


Step 2

apply manually triggered



Step 3

Apply conditions if required



Step 4

Add an action email. This is linked to adding actions to triggers

Add several emails to this trigger and then send the appropriate one as shown below



How to view and send the appropriate email




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