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How to notify tenants of late rent

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Notifying a tenant they are late for rent can be done automatically or manually.


This is where Arthur will send out a notification on your behalf. To do this go to Settings>Automated Events>Financials. This article is linked to understanding triggers and actions.

Step 1

Once you have opened Automated Events, click on the + next to Financials>Add trigger


Step 2

For this step, you need to create a “Timed Event“- e.g. a rent demand 7 days after it was due.

Choose “Created Date” i.e the date the transaction is created and type in “-7 days” – This means that 7 days after the transaction was created.

Add your chosen transaction type as either direct rent or rent charge, or both if you use both.

Step 3

Now that the event has been created you are ready to add the “action” that delivers the communication. This is linked to how to add actions to triggers.


Create a title.

Ensure you add it to the activity log so it shows in the activity log when sent.


Send to: Tenants

Create the email and add the variable “Tenant Overdue Transactions”


Email sent



Creating emails that send manually is done very much in the same way as above but at a Tenancy level. These emails will be created the once and sit ready for you to send at any time

Step 1

Once you have opened Automated Events>Tenancies>Add a trigger


Step 2

At this step, you are creating a “Manual” action.


Step 3

Now that the event has been created you are ready to add the “action/s” that deliver the communication as shown above in Step 3. In this example, we created 3 emails.

  1. 7 day
  2. 14 day
  3. 21 day


How to view and send these manual actions

Go to Tenancy>More>See automated actions listed.



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