Troubleshoot the owner statement

There are generally five reasons why transactions will not show on an owner statement

1. Incorrect analysis code for rent

Ensure that rent charge is your chosen rent code and NOT direct rent (Arthur’s default position). This is related to setting up your default rent position.

2. Incorrect paid to/by

Make sure when you add a transaction and want it to show on the “Property Owner Statement” you select paid to/by “Property Owner”.

3. Funds already remitted

Once transactions have been remitted they will not show on the statement. To view these transaction look within the remitted transaction

4. Management Fees

Please check your management fee types.  Fees based on rent received will be applied when funds are received and will only show if number 1 above is observed.

**Important- Recurring Management fees added after a rent has been generated will not be applied retropsectively. You will need to add a manual transaction for this unless the refurring fee  is applied at the point of remittance. In this case all historic receipts will be accounted for

5. No owner assigned to the unit

Check that you have assigned an owner to the unit.


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