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Troubleshoot the owner statement and the owner remittance

Owner Statement

1. Incorrect analysis code for rent will result in no rent going onto the owner statement

Ensure that the transaction type rent charge is your chosen transaction type and NOT direct rent  This is related to setting up your default rent position.

2. Incorrect paid to/by

Make sure when you add a transaction and want it to show on the “Property Owner Statement” you select paid to/by “Property Owner”.

3. Funds already remitted

Once transactions have been remitted they will not show on the statement. To view, these transactions look within the remitted transaction

4. Management Fees

  1. If the management fee applied is a % of rent received then the fee will  only appear on receipt of money
  2. Adding recurring management fees retrospectively after the rent is generated. Arthur will not apply the changes retrospectively. To deal with this the fee will need to be added manually via the add transaction>payable by the owner

5. No owner assigned to the unit

Check that you have assigned an owner to the unit.

6. No contractor invoice showing

  1. An invoice created on the contractor app will only automatically go onto the owner statement if in financials>financial settings>auto recharge is ticked. This is  related to  how to handle a contractor invoice
  2. When adding an invoice manually ensure you have paid by entered as the property owner

Owner remittance

1. The remittance won’t remit

Remitting will be allowed assuming there is a positive balance to remit.



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