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Understanding how to implement suggested solutions to tenant issues

Suggesting a solution Available on enterprise only  will reduce the number of requests by empowering the tenant to try out solutions to resolve the matter.

At the end of this article we have given you some useful text for common issues for your use.

How do tenants view a suggested solution

Once a tenant choses the appropriate description they will be faced with a “Please read” section that may offer a solution or information


Adding a suggested solution

Step 1

Create a task type and share with tenant – This is related to the article understanding task types

Ensure available to tenants is ticked

Step 2

Add a suggested solution


Post the tenant issue being raised

Here  you are creating a email response based on the issue type being raised by the tenant. In the example here we are creating  a standard reply  based on a number of issue types, reinforcing the points made in the suggested solution.


Step 1

Go to settings>automated event>task raised by tenant>add manual event


Step 2

Create the manual event based on task type. See conditions of this event below. This is linked to the article understanding automated events and actions

Step 3

Create the email action in response to the event conditions being met. This linked to the article adding an action



Create the email recipient all tenants


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