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Understanding rent reviews


*Only available for professional and enterprise

Rent reviews for both commercial and residential leases are subject to reviews as stated in the contract. Often commercial contracts will have multiple rent reviews during the course of the contract.

How does a rent review work

A rent review will be created with a:

  • notice period – The notice period is the time period before the due date of the review you want Arthur to remind you
  • rent review interval – The interval between the rent reviews
  • status – When the first rent review date is due today the status of the rent review will automatically move from status= not due >status = pending. When the first review status is set to completed  the 2nd rent review will be automatically created

Where can you quickly view rent reviews

The dashboard shows rent reviews pending and in progress


Where can rent reviews be added

  • At the point of adding a tenancy
  • From within a tenancy
  • From within the rent review index page
  • On completion of an existing rent review

Where can all the created rent reviews be viewed

From the rent review index page

What functions are available from a rent review screen

  • Edit rent review>status to completion and the ability in that flow to create the next one
  • Post a message to the tenant in the tenancy
  • Print a comparable report

Adding to or removing the default list of rent review types

Go to settings>rent review types>edit or add


What automation can be created with rent reviews

  • Create a rent review task
  • Create a rent review reminder by email, notification or text in advance of the review or on the day of the review to:
  1. Property manager
  2. Tenants
  3. Owner
  4. Agents

Set the default number of days in advance for an expiring rent review date

This allows automated reminders to be sent at a default number of days in advance to the review date. This can also be achieved by using triggers. This is linked to understanding events and actions

  • Property manager
  • Tenants
  • Owner
  • Agents


The rigger is a timed trigger based on the rent review date. In this example, we have set the condition for a rent review in two months



Now add the action



This is related to adding action to triggers

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