Understanding the tenancy journey

A tenancy goes through a journey and this is reflected by the tenancy status. This article shows you where to change a status and list all status`s that are incorrectly matched to your tenancy dates.

The statuses available include:

  • Prospective – Defined as a pre-approved tenancy
  • Approved – Defined as an approved tenancy
  • Current – Defined as a tenancy within the terms of the contract
  • Periodic – Defined as tenancy beyond the contractual end date
  • Ending – Defined as a tenancy ending on a specific date
  • Past – Defined as a completed tenancy
  • Rejected – Defined as a tenancy entered in error or a failure to move in

*A ” tenancy expiring” is NOT a status but a reminder of a contract end date approaching. This article is linked to expiring tenancies

**Switching tenancies can be done by the operator or by Arthur. The tenancy status will update theunit status automatically

Manual change the status


tenancy>inside the tenancy page


Tenancy index page>menu

Automatically change the status

If you want Arthur to take care of your tenancy status then you have an option to automate it from settings>tenancy setting.

To run your automated actions when the status changes ensure that (Automatically set this action to checked when listed) is pre-ticked to run from settings>automated events>actions


View Mismatched Tenancy Status

This identifies a status that does not match the start or end dates



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