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Understanding the tenancy status and journey


1. What status are available

The different statuses are:

  • Prospective – A tenancy that has applied to move in, but they have not signed contracts, etc. E.g. they are going through referencing or have put down a holding deposit
  • Approved – A tenancy that is waiting for its move-in date
  • Current – A tenancy currently in its fixed term, as stated in the contract
  • Periodic – A tenancy on a rolling contract, with no set end date
  • Ending – A tenancy with the property manager or tenant have given notice and there is a set end date
  • Past – A tenancy that has been completed
  • Rejected – Defined as a tenancy entered in error or a failure to move in

An”expiring” tenancy is NOT a status, but a reminder of a contract end date approaching. This article is linked to expiring tenancies.


2. Tenancy journey workflow

Download tenancy flow here: workflow tenancy only


3. How tenancy status affects the unit status

The tenancy status will update the unit status automatically. This is linked to  understanding in the unit status


3. Manually changing the tenancy status


Go to: tenancy > update status




Go to: Tenancy index page > Menu > Update status




In batch

Go to tenancy index page>update tenancy

You can select the applicable tenancies using the tick boxes next to the tenancy or select the top tick box to select all tenancies on the page. If needed, you can select “Select all X tenancies”.

4. Automatically changing the status


This is dealt with by using the system to update status automatically


5. View incorrect tenancy statuses

This identifies a status that does not match the start or end dates


6. How to build automation around updating the tenancy status

This is linked to understanding automated events and actions



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