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How to create customized triggers

This article is linked to understanding automation.

What are Triggers and Actions

Triggers are defined as those day to day scenarios that occur in property management. When triggers occur they will set off a series of actions defined by the client. Actions include;

  1. Tasks
  2. SMS
  3. Email
  4. Notifications
  5. Webhooks
  6. Field updates

We have pre-populated Arthur with over 200 system triggers and actions which Arthur will carry out on your behalf. Together with customers’ own customized triggers, clients have a lot of ability to automate processes.

If we have missed any triggers, actions, or variables please contact our support so we can add them to the system.

Build a customised trigger

Step 1

Go to automation


Step 2

Add custom trigger


Step 3

Choose where this should trigger


Step 4

Choose when it should trigger


Step 5

Name the trigger and set conditions if applicable


Step 6

Create your action

This is linked to adding actions

Where to find the library of default emails

This is linked to How to use customized triggers to create a library of default emails to be triggered from the tenancy screen.

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