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How to Void Transactions & Undo Property Owner Remittance

This article will show you how to use the new void transaction function along with undoing property owner remittances.

Voiding Transactions

Non-Xero users


Step 1:

When voiding a transaction that is linked to other transactions voiding will remove all the connected transactions.  To reinstate these transactions you will need to add them again via How to Add Transaction. To avoid this, unallocate the linked transactions first then void the chosen transaction. See article how to Unallocating linked transactions.

 Undoing Property Owner Remittance 

Previously when wanting to undo a remittance you would use the ‘Undo remittance’ and ‘Undo Reconciliation’ options. These have now been removed and the action has been replaced with the improved Void option. The Void option will now both un-reconcile the bank statement line entry as well as removing the transaction.

In order to undo a remittance:

Step 1: Locate the remittance transaction on the Property Owner Statement:

Step 2: Using the drop down options  -> void the property owner remittance:


As shown below when voiding a transaction this will show the corresponding actions that also take place. This screen provides you with more information before voiding transactions.

Xero users

If the transaction has already been reconciled in Xero you will need to Remove and Redo first in Xero. Once done you can then void the transaction in Xero and sync to remove the un-allocated transaction in Arthur.


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