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The quote cycle from tenant to manager to contractor to owner

Work Flow

Download the flow: workflows work orders only

Step 1 – Tenant

The tenant will raise an issue based on an issue type. This article is linked to understanding task types

Suggested solution



Step 2 – Property Manager

The issue will come in as a task and will require a work order. This article is linked to understanding tasks   and  adding a work order

Via the web add a work order to the task


Via the mobile 




Step 3 – Property Manager

Add to quote ensure quote box ticked then choose contactor/s




Step 4 – Contractor

The contractor receives a job to quote. This article is linked to contractor accepting the job and issuing a quote


Step 5 – Property Manager

Quote now in. For this scenario, we are sending it to the owner for approval






Step 6 – Owner

The owner approves the job. This is linked to how an owner accepts or rejects a quote 

Step 7 – Property Manager

Once the owner accepts the quote the job is now live for the contractor and Manager



From contractor view









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