Understanding tasks

Where can tasks be added to?

Task can be added to:

  • Property
  • Unit
  • Tenancy


Who can view tasks?

Tasks can be shared with tenants only. Depending on where its shared from will determine which tenancies see what;

  • Property level – Shared with all occupants in the building
  • Unit level- shared with current occupants of the unit
  • Tenancy level – shared with tenants on that tenancy


How are tasks created?

Tasks are created;

Before adding tasks you should think about creating task types. This will help in reports and filtering


Can tasks be set to recur?

Yes. This linked to adding tasks

task management

Functionality within a created task

Regardless of which way the task has been created their are two Menu area options available within the task include:


Menu related to the actual task


Menu related to the related area of property, unit and tenancy. This secondary menu mean you can carry out many functions without leaving the task.


In the example below the task is related to the tenancy and many function related to a tenancy can be created from within the task




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