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Understanding deposits

Deposits involve 5 parts

  1. Adding deposit information that is non-transactional
  2. Adding deposit transactions
  3. Viewing all deposits
  4. Returning the deposit
  5. Deposit payement list

Deposit information that is non-transactional

When adding a tenancy information will be requested on page 2 of the add tenancy screen. This information will include:

  1. Deposit amount
  2. Whether the deposit is to be registered or not

This is the amount displayed in the contract and not who pays it. This information will be displayed on the tenancy index page and within the tenancy and will be seen by the tenant on their app

This is linked to


Deposit transactions

When adding a tenancy a transaction will be requested on page 4 of the add tenancy screen (Move-in transactions).

If a deposit is split then edit the amount in the first line and create an additional transaction line via add transaction and use transaction type “Registered deposit charge”

Handling deposits for custodial, Xero, and Quick book  can be found in Financials for deposits


The deposit/s  will be added to the tenancy deposit statement and NOT the tenancy rent statement. Once tenants have paid the deposit the registered deposit receipt will be put on to this statement

Deposits can be added retrospectively from with the deposit statement via add transaction using transaction type “Registered deposit charge”


To view all deposits

To view all deposits listed please see understanding the deposit list screen

There is also a report to run to show information on this screen

Returning the deposit

This is linked to the article How to return the deposit and close off a tenancy statement after the tenancy has ended



*Please note that when closing a tenancy and returning the deposit the amount pulled into this process comes from page 2 of the add tenancy screen




To view, all deposits returned and remitted

This is covered in this article



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