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How to return the deposit and close off a tenancy statement after the tenancy has ended

This article looks at closing a tenancy and returning the deposit.

Closing a tenancy relates to tenancies that are:

  1. Residential tenancies
  2. Commercial tenancies

Short term tenancies are checked out. See articles on the checkout feature for emergency housing and holiday lets.

This new flow can be used for:

  1. Returning deposits across multiple tenants
  2. Partially returning a deposit mid tenancy

Step 1

Tenancy record>Close tenancy


Step 2

This opens the closing tenancy screen where you will be able to add the deposit.

*Please note if 0.00 shows as a deposit and you have got a deposit see troubleshoot closing tenancy




Step 3

At this point, you are able to split the amount amongst the tenants but in the case below, there is one tenant on the tenancy.

Add in the full amount of the deposit to be refunded and confirm.


Step 4

Add any deductions.


Continue to add or save as a draft to return at a later date.


The next page will allow any action that has been built to go live.


Once completed the remittance will show on the tenancy statement.


This will move to our new closing tenancy payment list in due course.


Print remittance

Until we have the payment list go to the tenancy > statement>remittance>print




Building automation to accompany the closing tenancy could be an email to the tenants outlining the transactions to be returned. To build these go to prefrences>automation>tenancy>closing tenancy

This article is linked to understanding automation.



Step 1

Add action to a system trigger


Step 2

Create an email that includes the variable Total Refundable. This is linked to adding actions to triggers


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